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Pedestrain accidents

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There are thousands all around us, all performing vital functions for our society and economy. Truck traffic has increased recently as more people shift to buying items online. In the United States, there are more than 15.5 million trucks on the roadways. Each of those has the potential to cause harm.

Across the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells us that Florida is one of the deadliest states when it comes to large truck crash fatalities.

If we look at the latest reports from Florida, we know that there were hundreds of people injured across the state in large truck accidents and that many of them were what the state considers incapacitating injuries.

Devastating Injuries

Because of the size of these trucks, they have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries in an accident. Consider that each of them, when carrying a full load, weighs tens of thousands of pounds, and you can imagine what could happen in an accident.

Commercial trucks often haul hazardous materials, making any potential crash an even more dangerous situation. It is not uncommon for people to sustain the following injuries in a truck accident:

Traumatic brain injuries or other head injuries.
Spinal cord injuries that often leave a victim with partial or full paralysis.
Severe lacerations or even amputations.
Severe bone damage or crush injuries.
Internal bleeding or organ damage.

The most immediate concern is stabilizing someone after an accident, but these injuries often involve extensive medical procedures, including surgery. The medical costs of these injuries can rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if long-term medical care is needed. If a person is disabled and can no longer work, their family will lose their income and benefits, a hidden cost that most insurance companies do not consider when determining settlement payments.

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