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Car Accident

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We all know that car accidents are a reality in life. With so many people and so many vehicles on the roadway, it is inevitable. That is why we buy insurance and take steps to drive safely when we hit the road each day. Unfortunately, there are times when another driver’s negligence causes us harm. When that happens, we need to know where to turn.

Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates, P.A. understands your needs and will be there to help you. We know that you have so many questions, but your focus needs to be on healing from your injuries. That is why we will work with insurance companies and other parties for you to secure the compensation you need for all of your accident-related expenses. When you need a car accident attorney, call us today.

Statewide Statistics

Florida is a dangerous place to drive because we have too many people driving. Not just locals, but tourists from all over the country and world come here year-round. That can lead to accident scenarios. During Florida’s latest reporting year, there were:

402,385 total vehicle crashes
3,116 vehicle crash fatalities
245,310 vehicle crash injuries
20,380 incapacitating injuries

Potential Injuries

While most vehicle crashes one cause property damage and minor injuries, we know that there are some injuries that are devastating for the victims. You can see above that over 20 thousand people suffer from incapacitating injuries. These can include:

Spinal cord injuries (possible paralysis)
Traumatic brain injuries
Internal organ damage and bleeding
Severe lacerations or amputations
Broken or dislocated bones

Each of these injuries requires extensive emergency medical care. If a person needs long-term rehabilitation in order to make a full recovery, the costs of these injuries can quickly rise into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many people do not think about the hidden costs of vehicles accidents. These are things that go beyond the initial medical expenses:

Lost wages and benefits of the victim if they cannot work.
Long-term treatment for emotional and psychological damage.
Lost wages and benefits of a family member that must become a caregiver.
and vehicle accommodations if they are necessary for medical equipment mobility (wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc.).

Many people struggle just to get insurance companies to cover all of their medical expenses, let alone all of the hidden costs.

Do you know if insurance will cover you in this situation?

What Causes Crashes

We recognize that not all vehicle accidents are caused by a person’s careless or reckless driving behavior. However, there are times when a driver is so negligent that they need to be held accountable for their actions if they cause another person harm.

mpaired drivers, those who choose to drive after they have had too much alcohol or taken narcotics, are a danger to everyone on or around the roadway. This includes people who take prescription medications that alter their ability to drive even though the label tells them not to do so. There were over 5,000 alcohol confirmed crashes in 2017. These were responsible for 374 fatalities and over 3,000 injuries. Distracted drivers are a growing problem. All too often, we see cases of vehicle accidents caused due to people paying more attention to other things inside of their vehicles. This can include people checking text messages, watching videos, or interacting with other people in the vehicle. All of this means that the driver is not watching the roadway.
Speeding and aggressive driving is the number one cause of vehicle accidents in Florida. Too many people think nothing of ignoring the posted speed limits.

Document Everything

The aftermath of an accident can be chaotic, but you need to do your best to stay organized. Once the scene is cleaned up, your ability to gather evidence is gone. If you are injured, make sure you seek medical treatment immediately and follow all doctor’s orders, including follow up appointments. Make sure to get documentation of all medical records related to the accidents.

Try to get photos of the accident scene if possible, including damage to all vehicles involved. Most people have a phone with a camera, so if you are unable to take pictures, ask someone else to do so and get them sent to you. Make sure police are called and get copies of all of their reports.

Hallandale Beach Car Accident Attorney

Car and truck accidents is the reality of life. On the roadway with so many people and vehicles, accidents are unavoidable. You can be a safe driver, but, unfortunately, there will be situations when the other driver’s negligence causes you harm. When an accident happens, you need to make sure you hire the best Hallandale Beach Car Accident lawyer. Vladimir Tsirkin and Associates are the best South Florida Car Accident lawyers and they will be there for you in the time of need. Call Vladimir Tsirkin and Associates when you need the best  Hallandale Beach car accident attorney.

What An Attorney Can Do

A qualified attorney will make sure to investigate the entire accident and may even think of things you have not. Many municipalities have surveillance cameras at intersections and on street lights. An attorney can help get access to the footage to help prove that the other person was at fault.

An attorney will also be in a better position to work with insurance companies. Chances are, you will be dealing with more than one insurance company, yours as well as the companies of other parties involved. These companies can be pushy and rush a settlement that is less than what you really deserve.

Do not speak to any insurance company until you have spoken to a qualified attorney.

These companies record your statements and will use them against you when determining a settlement. A skilled attorney will know how to handle this at every step along the way

What You Can Do Now

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident that was caused by another person, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Vladimir Tsirkin & Associates, P.A. will work tirelessly on your behalf and will not rest until you get the compensation you deserve for all of your accident-related expenses. This includes:

  • All current and future medical expenses related to the crash.
  • Lost wages and benefits if you cannot work.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages

When you need a car accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by calling 800-99crash. Let us get to work so you can get back to normal.

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